The Ghoul Girls 2016 Calendar now available

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The Ghoul Girls​ 2016 calendar is now available.


Featuring the photography of VampireKitten


Cover – Tara Spadero
Ghost with the Most – Tara Spadero
My Bloody Valentine – Traycee King
Geisha – Mimi Murder
Nosferatu – Lily Leroy
Plague Doctor – Foth
Killer Camp – Traycee King
Victim – Miss Victoria Tim
Serial Killer – Marisha Ray
We All Float – Bree Arkham
Trick or Treat – Erica Nese
Sugar Skull – Linz Stanley
Good Guy – Traci Hines
Makeup Artists:

Monarch Makeup, Bree Arkham, Traci Hines, VampireKitten & Chrissy Lynn

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