Ghoul Girls is an enticing display of horror photography, bringing together some of the most unique models and classic monsters in a tantalizing twist on the horror genre. We take beautiful woman and make them into beautiful monsters. Inspired by vintage and modern pin-up elements as well as fashion spreads; Ghoul Girls pushes to set a higher standard in creative sets.  

Ghoul Girls is a “VampireKitten Productions” subsidiary.


Ghoul Girls got it’s roots around 2007. It started out with a handful of creative people as a way to expand on their skills as photographers, makeup artists and models. Over time I began buying more and more cheap equipment just to keep growing. In 2011 Ghoul Girls finally became a registered company. In the past we have self published a 2009 and 2011 calendar, but we are working towards being able to publish one each year on top of put together a coffee table book with past and future photo sets.







Candace “VampireKitten” Miller

Owner, Makeup Artist & Photographer.

Welcome to the site!

I’ve done the majority of the photography (Vamp Photo) for the site,

model and maintain the website. I grew up with an affinity for the arts

and Ghoul Girls is one of the projects I have the most love for.

Began modeling and cosplaying around 2006, since then I have branched out into

photography and makeup in order to learn all aspects of my trade.

I have been involved in television, radio, podcasting, Web TV, feature films and various other projects.

Learn more about me at