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I sat down with, our model, Inkerbella recently and we talked about all sorts of things in her life and modeling. Take a look!

How did you first get into modeling and how long have you been involved in it?
I started modeling in January 2006! I was actually discovered by Jeff Davidson of Cosmic Frog’s Photography, on myspace. He emailed me and asked if I was interested in doing a photoshoot for his web site. www.thefemalecanvas.com
I was so excited! This was something I always wanted to do! The shoot was so fun and I went back again in 2006 for a second round with Jeff. In late 2006 I decided to check into ways to work with other photographers too! I found Model Mayhem and have gotten the chance to work with so many amazing and talented photographers! I have learned something new from each one. To all the those photographer’s out there that I have worked with, THANK YOU for all you do! Getting dirty, sweaty and getting hand cramps. LOL. I really do appreciate all you do for me!
A special Thanks to Jeff Davidson for helping me get started down this amazing road!
Currently I’m more focused on working with companies. So far I’ve worked with Medusa’s House of Dreads, Domination Clothing and Coffin Color Make up. I also have 2 more companies in the works!! Be on the look out!

I noticed that you are co-owner of an online magazine (Bang Mag), how did that start?
I met Mr. Bang on Model Mayhem (a fellow model). He mentioned he was starting a magazine and it sparked my interest and I wanted to check it out. At the time he only had a myspace page for the magazine. I asked if he needed help with the magazine and he was very happy to hear I was willing to help. My husband Jared and I decided to go ahead and make B.A.N.G. Magazine a “real” web site so we went ahead and bought the site…www.bang-mag.com .
As the Co-Owner, I do interviews with bands, Post Ad’s for companies and help as much as I can with the site and trying to bring something new and different for people to read. For now it’s only online but we’d sure love if it got published someday!

If this isn’t to personal, how does your family react to what you do (modeling)?
I enjoy what I do and really don’t care what my extended family thinks of it. I personally feel that as long as I’m happy then that’s what matters most. My Husband Jared has been very very supportive of what I do. He always says, if you are comfortable with it and it makes you happy then go for it! He has come to all of my photoshoot for support and has even gotten into a few images! My Daughter has also been very supportive of my work. We don’t hide things from her so she has seen all my images. She’s proud of her Mommy! She has also modeled with me for Domination Clothing…Miss Krystal Princess! She enjoyed it a lot and I have a feeling that won’t be her last shoot!
As for my extended family…
My Mom always knew that I wanted to do modeling. I just never knew how to get started. She has seen my work and loves what I do…well all except for the nude/fetish stuff…hahhaa! The rest of the family hasn’t said much to me about it. LOL.

While we we’re shooting we met some interesting critters. Tell us a little about your pets, especially your cat.
LOL..ok, so I have 3 Frogs (one of which I did a shoot with Jeff Davidson, with of me kissing the frog in Apr. 2006). We have this mean ass water turtle. That sucker will take a finger off if your not careful. Then we have Independence the Chihuahua (born on the 4th of July of course). Indy is litter trained so no midnight potty walks for us! The oldest memeber in our pet family is Starling the Sphynix (hairless cat, you know like Mr. Biggelsworth). Indy is very protective of her family and is so loving but not to anyone but us! Starling is also protective, but is a big love bug to ANY ONE! It’s funny because people think we have two dogs since Starling doesn’t have hair. She’s just like any other cat except for the fact that she has no hair, she eats like a pig and pees in the toliet. Yes you heard right! About 8 months ago I decided to see if Starling would be willing to go potty in the toliet. Took about 2 weeks and she had it down. Let me tell you, it’s so so nice not having to clean out a litter box….now if only I could teach her how to flush! LOL.

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words.
Loving, Motovated, Outgoing

Who are your biggest influences and who do you admire the most?
Well I admire my Husband the most. We have actually grown up together, High School Sweethearts! Like I said he’s very supportive of all I do. With him, I can do anything and everything!

In the modeling world I would have to say that my biggest influences is of course the ever famous Bettie Page! Who doesn’t just love her!! She was amazing for her time and I hope that people like my work as much as they like hers.

As far as the modeling goes, have you got any personal guidelines on what you will / wont do – regardless of the money on offer?
I do have standards. For the most part I’m very open minded. Something I will NOT do modeling wise for money or anything of the sort would be porno’s. Not my cup of tea, I don’t mind them…it’s just not something I personally would ever want to do. Pretty much everything else is game!

What do the Ghoul Girls mean to you?
Ghoul Girl is awesome! To me it’s a bunch of cool ass models that get to do something totally different and fun. We get to dress up as a villain or some old horror film flick and get to do a little strip tease! I love the fact that each of us are different, I think that will expand to different groups and get us out there. Ghoul Girls was a wonderful idea and I hope to do more sets to come and wish the site the biggest of success!! I want to thank VampireKitten for giving me this opportunity and also to her crew!

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