Femme Fatale: Spyder Baby

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First off, welcome to the first edition of Femme Fatales of the month. Each month we will be featuring one gorgeous girl who has got what it takes to be a Femme Fatale. She has to be sensual, classy, and dark, our first girl has all of that and then some. Meet Spyder Baby, Femme Fatale for May 2008!


Photo by s.pierre price

Ghoul Girls: Greetings Spyder Baby, how are you doing this fun and frightful evening?

Spyder Baby: Hi there I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of this site!


Ghoul Girls: I know this is an all to familiar question, but how did you get started in modeling?

Spyder Baby: How did I get started into modeling, well that’s a fun story that seems a lifetime ago! I was 18 and answered a casting for a Destructive Metal band called Doomsday, they were offiliated with Chaos Comics and looking to add some wicked creative girls to the mix. So I met with the singer and we were instant friends and I then had a group of girls together called the demon girls and we all had our character to play in the show. We did lots of promostuff skits on stage and helped out with Chaos Comics whenever they needed us it was a blast! I took a break for awhile but have been back in full swing!

Ghoul Girls: I’ve noticed something interesting about you that I just can’t wrap my head around. Your a professional model AND

Photo by Penelopie Jones Photography

Mermaid Entertainer, how does one become and work as a mermaid entertainer?

Spyder Baby: Ha yes it’s true I do perform as a mermaid! This sounds funny but I always wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up and knew I would I just had to figure out how….so I decided to entertain children and had a few tails that I couldn’t swim in and the kids would ask why I couldn’t swim so after endless searches I found my first swimming tail and to make a long story short I swim for childrens pool parties and for adults events now every weekend, it’s actually really amazing, the best job in the world!


Ghoul Girls: What inspires you to get out and do everything that you do?

Spyder Baby: I admire people that can hold an everyday 9-5 office job, I however don’t have the focus I get so bored. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. I am a very emotional and creative person if I didn’t create, entertain or model I think I’d literally explode what I do is good for me I can let my feelings and emotion out into the things I do without going crazy. I’m lucky too my mother has always had unusual jobs and my dad had a love for the odd so poof here I am!


Photo by Diana Price Photography

Ghoul Girls: You seem to be a girl of a thousand and one looks, we like that versatility in models. Is there a type of shoot/set that you favor most?

Spyder Baby: Thank you that is such a compliment as a model, I hope that I am always versatile it keeps doors open. I prefer dark (not gore) but eerie fantasy art with great costumes and well planned sets. I’d really like to do more in that direction than anything else. I have a passion for art and would love to make incredible images that inspired people.


Ghoul Girls: So what does a Spyder Baby do in it’s spare time?

Spyder Baby: What spare time ha! I’m a mother of 2 boys so modeling and work is what I do in my spare time. I do though love watching Ghost Hunters or the History channel, I love creating things for the festivals I do, yup you can usually find me in front of my sewing machine or craft table, or at a concert maybe car show if I’m lucky.

Ghoul Girls: Are you a gore girl or do you like classic horror?

Spyder Baby: Well when I was little I loved zombie movies and horror now I’m not a fan of gore, but the chessy black and white classics ah I love em! The Universal Classics all the way! I wish everyday was Halloween and Frankenstein and bats were everywhere! Now you got me daydreaming!

Ghoul Girls: Speaking of horror, what are some of your favorite horror movies of all time?

Spyder Baby: I think Pinhead is so hot lol! So defiantly Hellraiser, but Frankenstein well he’s my man!

Ghoul Girls: If you had the opportunity to go on a ghoulish date between the three, would you choose: Frankenstein,

Photo by Diana Price Photography

Edward Scissor Hands, or The Mummy? Where would you go, what would you do, and would they get to second base?

Spyder Baby: Hmm that’s real tough! Frankenstein and Edward, they really were allot alike. Those Scissors could be rough I think I’d have to be in charge and hell yea there’d be a second base no reason to be shy he’s a good guy! Hey wait what’s second base again?


Ghoul Girls: Do you have any long term goals that you would like to share with the general public?

Spyder Baby: Goals I love goals I’m lucky and have met all that I have set so far, my next is to perform in a tank on a regular basis that would be a dream job, I was offered one in Vegas but I don’t want to move. Also I want to travel through Europe ahh the old castles and cemeteries chasing history, yup that would be a dream!
Ghoul Girls: What is your favorite thing about the Ghoul Girls?

Spyder Baby: I really dig this Ghoul Girls site, girls can be wicked and it’s sexy! No ones thinks your a creepy freak and if they do it’s a compliment! I hope to see this site do really well, it’s a fun place to be! I’m honored to be wicked enough to be a Ghoul Girl!


You can find more of Spyder Baby at her website: www.MissSpyderBaby.com

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