Femme Fatale: Demon

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From time to time we will feature a different woman who has got what it takes to be a Femme Fatale. This time we feature Demon a sexy killing machine who does her best to steal the hearts of millions, by ripping it out of their chests, one victim at a time.


Ghoul Girls: Thanks for talking with us Demon, how have you been darling?

Demon: no problem! Ive been quite dandy! thanks for asking.

Ghoul Girls: First an alternative model with her own book out, how did you get into it?

Demon: It might seem kind of selfish or even conceited, but I was kind of tired of being asked the same questions over and over again. From girls who want to know how to get into the modeling industry, posing tips, and even some style advice. I finally decided to make a book constructed of my own personal steps towards modeling. I’m not saying that I am THE BEST alternative model, because even I am still learning – so I plan to come out with a revised addition soon 😉

Ghoul Girls: Second, a horror vixen! How on earth did you get into the horror circuit and what as your inspiration?

Demon: I have no idea how I ended up in the horror circuit to be honest with you! It just happened, I think my first attempt at it was actually the Miss Horrorfest contest. I just woke up one day and said I want to do horror..lol very bizarre.

Ghoul Girls: So you made it to the finals for Miss Horrorfest 2009, they sent you to Los Angeles and you had a blast I am sure. What was your experience with After
Dark Films and this Miss Horrorfest competition?

Demon: As stressful as it was, I have no regrets for entering the contest. The experience I gained was priceless. Even though I didn’t win, Its opened
a lot of doors for me. Ive gained so much recognition for those few videos that I entered.

Ghoul Girls: Do you think you will ever try out for the competition again? What would
you do differently?

Demon: I am most defiantly going to try again. No doubt about it. As for what I would do differently? I plan to block out ALL negativity this time around. I think I got too much involved with all the drama that was circulating. I think Ill be a little bit more outgoing as well. In modeling “talking” really isn’t a priority, I’m use to just posing and acting fierce (lol)…this was my first spokesperson attempt.

Ghoul Girls: You have done all forms of modeling from fetish to fashion, what is your favorite style and which do you feel you connect with the most?

Demon: Thats a tough question because I do love them both. However alot of people are so use to seeing me in my “alternative” ego, so they might have a heart attack when I say this…but I prefer fashion more.  Reason being, Is I use to be a GEEK! I mean back then, I wouldn’t even date me (lol) My mom paid my way through Barbizon modeling school which taught me the ins and outs of the modeling industry. I honestly think that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my initial love for fashion. That school broke me out of my shell and jump started my dreams.

Ghoul Girls: You’ve established yourself a bit on YouTube, how do you fans react to your videos and do you push yourself to make them entertaining or are you just that type of person?

Demon: My videos on youtube are more personable and have almost nothing to do with my career. They show me doing random every day stuff an my fans apparently love it. I’m not trying to entertain anyone, im just a natural when it comes to making people laugh…or maybe they really do enjoy watching me pick my weggies on camera..I’m not entirely sure…

Ghoul Girls: What do you wish you could do more of, modeling? video production?

Demon: Ive been modeling since I was eleven. Its nice but I defiantly want to do more. My mind is pretty vivid and I love being creative. With photos I can only do so much.

Ghoul Girls: If you had to choose your favorite horror movie, what would it be and why?

Demon: I’m going to go with my childhood favorite..The Nightmare Before Christmas. That movie is like chocolate for me..I can never get enough of it. Id always watch it when I was younger because the music is just so catchy and the characters are relatable. Id always compare my mischievous personality to “lock”.
I’m not like all these crazy emo people that like the movie just because its this years trend..I genuinely love this movie.

Ghoul Girls: Which classic horror character would you like to see as one of the next Ghoul Girls?

Demon: Good question, I personally dont like extreme classics..like original Dracula movies. However Id like to see something creative like gender bending. Maybe a pinup version of The crow?

Ghoul Girls: So we hear you have a new project, Damned Society, care to tell us a little about it and where people can find it?

Demon: Damned Society is a new horror social site. Think of it as a ‘grim facebook’ if you will. The idea behind the creation of the site, was to have one place where horror fans can mingle online. They can read the news from several popular horror networks,watch some new trailers, and even communicate with other members through forums, blogs and Instant Messaging.

Ghoul Girls: What else have you been working on?

Demon: Nothing at the moment actually. I’m really focused on Damnedsociety.com because Ive found in the past that I take on so many projects at once, that I get too overwhelmed and end up losing interest in them. I have to force my creative brain to slow down this time, so I can focus on making this website a success before I even think about doing something else.


Ghoul Girls: What is your favorite thing about the Ghoul Girls?

Demon: Obviously the horror aspect. But I also love how you can display these beautiful women so classy and tasteful. It really shows that you can draw someones attention to pinup without flashing boobies on every page..boobies..that’s a funny word…..

Thank you for talking with us Demon, we wish you the best of luck in the future and can’t wait to see what is in store for us next!

Want to know more about Demon? You can find here at the following links:

www.morbidmentality.com (or) www.vanessarosa.com


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