Femme Fatale: Miss Horrorfest, Victim

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From time to time we will feature a different woman who has got what it takes to be a Femme Fatale. This time we feature Miss Horrorfest 2009, Victim as she is known, enjoys being beaten to death, long walks on the plank, and enjoying a good bloodbath from time to time. All this and she still manages to promote After Dark Films Horrorfest.


Ghoul Girls: Hello, Vic Tim. It is such a pleasure to have you with us today! You’re my hero.

Victim: Bleedings, Ghoul Girls. Thank you. It’s such an honor for you to meet me.


Ghoul Girls: You’re so cute. So, tell us, what are some of the official duties of Miss Horrorfest?

Victim: Aside from being a total bad*ss, Miss Horrorfest is the official spokeswoman for After Dark Films. Every year After Dark brings you Horrorfest, a festival of 8 independent feature length horror films shown in theatres across America for one week only. We call them 8 Films to Die for and my job is to get the info out about these movies by being a total media whore. I do convention appearances, internet, TV, radio…

Ghoul Girls: How are you enjoying your reign of terror thus far?

Victim: Oh, it’s f#cking awesome. I LOVE being Miss Horrorfest. I basically get to die creatively for a living and it’s all for the love of these amazing movies. So far, no one has been able to silence me about the 8 Films. I’ve had my tongue ripped out hundreds of times, but I just keep gurgling on.


Ghoul Girls: You’re hair is amazing. Do you have any delightful Horrorfest news you can share with us for the coming months?

Victim: The big news is that we are coming back – that’s right, Horrorfest IV hits theaters for one week only, January 29th – February 4th 2010. So far three of the 8 Films to Die for have been announced.

  1. The Graves, directed by Brian Pulido starring Tony “Candyman” Todd, Bill Moseley, Clare Grant, and Jillian Murphy.
  2. Dread, a Clive Barker story directed by Anthony Diblasi, starring Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone, as well as Hanne Steen, Laura Donnelly, Jonathan Readwin and Shaun Evans.
  3. Lake Mungo, directed by Joel Anderson, starring Talia Zucker, Rosie Traynor, David Pledger, and Martin Sharpe.


Oh and don’t forget about all those great Horrorfest III DVD’s available for purchase now! Just crawl over to www.horrorfestonline.com to find out more.


Ghoul Girls: I can’t breathe because of how cool you are. So, what mayhem have you been causing lately?

Victim: I made appearances at both the New York & San Diego Comic Cons this year. I’m the official “Spooks”-model for the Premiere Props Live Movie & Car Auctions. I recently turned the red carpet into real blood at the first annual Carnival of Darkness film festival in August. Oh and every month I make mildly offensive YouTube videos: www.youtube.com/MissVictoriaTim


Ghoul Girls: Oh yeah, your videos rock. Tell us about your side-kicks, Jarvis & Pixie.

Victim: Well, Jarvis is my zombie butler. He’s like, British or something. And Pixie is my undead beagle. I got her from the pet cemetery. I went there looking for my dead cat, (Thurston McWhisker bottoms) (I strangled him because I could never pronounce his name right, plus he was a total dick), and I think I went to the wrong grave. Anyway, Pixie dug her way out, we loved each other instantly and she’s been with me ever since.

Ghoul Girls: Does Pixie aid you in becoming the best Victim you can be?

Victim: Yeah, she poops a lot too.

Ghoul Girls: What is your favorite way to die?

Victim: Nutella overdose.

Ghoul Girls: I understand that you’re also an actress, what are some of your favorite roles to portray?

Victim: Sometimes this Vic-Tim likes to play the Vic –Tee!! Don’t get me wrong, I LIVE to die and am a pro at all that being scared and crying junk, but I also really enjoy playing a monster or bad guy.

Ghoul Girls: What are some of the horror movies that you have been in? (PS I love you Vic Tim)

Victim: Well, I’ve become quite the indie film festival ”darling” lately. You can catch me at Screamfest LA at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood 10/18/09 at 2pm in a horror short called Alone directed by John Gonzales www.screamfestla.com. Alone will also be at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival Saturday 10/24/09 at 2pm www.sachorrorfilmfest.com. I starred in two films at this year’s Indie Fest USA, (American Director & Paper Dolls Live in Glass Houses) and rocked films in the Valley Film Festival, & LA Shorts Festival as well.

Ghoul Girls: You’re adorable, VT. So, which of the Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die for movies is your favorite?

Victim: Oh, that’s tough because I love them all. But I am a big Rachel Miner fan, so I have a special place in my heart for Penny Dreadful (2006). She spent most of that film locked inside of a car & showed us 7,000 separate emotions in less than 90 minutes. What a tour de force performance.

I also could not live (or die) without the movie, Autopsy (2008). I saw it in a packed theatre in Hollywood and the entire audience erupted with shrieks and laughs at the exact same moments – it was so fun. Horror doesn’t have to be all torture-porn or all slasher-flick. I thoroughly believe that horror is for everyone and when you add some laughs, people come to the party knowing they’re going to be scared and end up cracking up at themselves as a result. I like movies that make you FEEL – that’s what’s so special about Horrorfest, we give you one week of 8 different types of horror movies that make you feel 8 different types of scared sh*tless.
Ghoul Girls: What is the next After Dark event we can look forward to seeing you at?

Victim: I am on TV right now on the Monster Madhouse TV Show (www.monstermadhouse.com ), and I’ll be making live appearances at Knott’s Scary Farm throughout the month of October, so check my sites for those dates to be announced soon. I’m appearing at a St Jude’s charity event at the Halloween Adventure store in Riverside on 10-11-09. I’m co-hosting the Premier Props Halloween Show on 10-24-09 (www.premiereprops.com), and will be mutilated repeatedly at Fangoria’s, Trinity of Terror at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas 10-30-09 through 11-1-09 (www.trinityofterrors.com ). That’s right, come visit my booth and kill me with your own two hands! And finally, I wouldn’t dare miss out on Horrorfest IV coming to theatres January 29th – February 4th 2010. See you there?

Ghoul Girls: Oh, anything for you, Vic. So tell us, where can the fans find more of you?

Victim: Fans can join my “Legions of the Damned” by subscribing to my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/MissVictoriaTim , adding me on MySpace www.myspace.com/victoriatim or stalking me on Twitter: @VictoriaTim. And yes, I do take death threats seriously.


Ghoul Girls: Okay, last question. What is your favorite thing about the Ghoul Girls?

Victim: I love that your site promotes women in horror, not women as whores. The shots are spooky and sexy yet done tastefully. I appreciate that you celebrate beautiful women of ALL types and cannot thank you enough for allowing me to collaborate!

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