Interview with Under BLUE Lights, Durga Usagi

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If you haven’t heard the name, “Under BLUE Lights” yet, trust me when I say that you will soon. Durga Usagi is the mad monster maker behind the company. She has a truly unique style of work that leaves us all in complete awe with every design that she publishes.


Thank you for taking the time to talk with Ghoul Girls today, I think one of the biggest burning questions that we all have is what inspires you to create these fascinating and surreal characters that you create?

** lol alot of people ask me that actually :0P its hard to say really….they just sorta come to me. ive been drawing as long as i can remember. alot of my ideas for my shoots start out as a sketch. i have SOOO many influences from art movies colors shapes everything….. i draw everyday and eventually SOMETHING i really like happens and i want to turn it into a makeup. ^_~


For those who don’t know you, would you care to share a bit about yourself and how you got started in makeup?

**i was born in the 80’s :0D best time EVER IMO. ^_~
best toys ever, neon, big shoulder pads, extravagant clothes, over exaggerated EVERYTHING!!! whatta GREAT time to b a girl!….a kid in general!
when i was in my single digits i was really obsessed with jem, thundercats, and the broadway show “cats”. i think i was a “punk rocker” for halloween several times :0P
when i was a teenager i started going to clubs, living in nyc area being a teen in the 90’s…..if you were there youd know how epic it was!!! so much color and awesum, its hard to not have been influenced surrounded by so many creative people!
only a year ago this past jan i decided to go to school for sfx when i discovered mud school in soho nyc. after that i decided i wanted to do makeup as my profession……and a year later i formed my corporation, “under blue lights LLC” and here i am.

What is your favorite makeup that you have done on a model to date?

**lol thats REALLY hard to say!!!!!! every new makeup i do is always my new favorite :0P
i JUST did a new set actually on 2 models! i think that was my current fav makeup….my favs are USUALLY those with appliances like horns or scars or gashes, but this one was JUST paint….it was REALLY bold and REALLY graphic…..i have to consciously keep my self aware when doing makeup if i want it to stay simple :0P i have the tendency to go overboard with detail and i get carried away alot :0P i think i got a good combination of detail and just right in this one ^_^ every time im a little bit better IMO……its exciting :0D


How many hours on average does it take you to finish one monster… I mean model?

**it REALLLLLLLY varies……for like a face, JUST the face…if its something simple…as little as 15-20 min.
for a FULL body with appliances and alot of detail it can take upwards of 6 hours. for MEEEE that time im doing makeup FLYS by :0P thats why i have to keep focused cause i WILL get lost in the time. working on a shoot has REALLY helped with my time management…….since im on borrowed time in that situation i have to……
this recent shoot i just mentioned i did 2 models full body paint around 3 hours each more or less…..


I noticed that your YouTube receives a lot of traction. What was your intention for recording and sharing your makeup sessions?

**i had NEVER intended on having a youtube for my makeup… i hate hearing my own voice recorded and i feel redunkulousssssss talking to myself in a empty room lololol….BUTTTTTTT, everyone kept asking me if i have any “tutorials”….i was never interested…plus im a computer dummie and cant handle the whole edit thing…..untill i found my friend eva from italy. she has her own makeup design company “pure black love”….shes INSANELY UHHHMAZING!!!!!! and she had a youtube…..i watched ALL of her vids and i was BLOWN AWAY!!! she didnt have your “TYPICAL tutorials”….which i LOVED! none of that boring ass talking and rambling on and on and on about crap i dont care about…..JUST MAKEUP….and to music…and music mostly that was the inspiration or a reminder of the emotion that was the chief inspiration to the makeup……SHE sees makeup and an extension to her emotions JUST how i do!!!!! shes like my makeup soul sister :0P
SOOOOO…….i approached her about editing my vids for me……she agreed!!!! :0D
i did my first vid around this past halloween and eva has ever since edited all my vids!


Are there any other projects that you are working on that we should know about?

** im ALWAYS working on new projects!!!!! ALWAYS!
^__________^ youll have to keep checking back to find that out i NEVER reveal tooo TOOOO much about what im working on usually UNTIL im on set and everyone has arrived :0P im pretty superstitious :0P


What else do you like to do in your spare time? Do you do more artistic work besides the makeup?

**oooo i LUV haps of stuff! :0P
i love gardening!!!! especially growing fruits n veggies!
i have pugs! pugs are pretty much the best!
i love shopping…who dosent! :0P
alot of my evening are spent drawing and playing videogames, spending time with my daughter.
i make music using fruity loops!!!! soo relaxing!
my bf is a chef so we REALLY enjoy eating lolol and going to swanky places in the city to feast!
i love painting and other crafty things of that nature.


Since we are a horror site I need to ask the obligatory, what is your favorite horror film, book, etc.?

**ohhhhh MAN!!!! horror is PRIMARILY my fav genre of movies….a REALLY REALLY hard question….HRmmmm…
ive ALWAYS loved zombies…..i dont know why….i DEFF dont wanna b ripped to pieces!!! that looks pretty horrific….but i dont know always some gruesome fascination with zombies!!! man i remember when return of the living dead 3 came out…..i was like 12ish….i wanted to BEEEEEEEEEEE her! sooooo awesum!…u know not the whole suffering n dying shit lol but she was sooo badass! imma HUGE fan of the “masters of horror” movies since my bf introduced me to them!!! especially “imprint” @))_o yeah thats BRUTAL…..pretty hard to watch but how can you NOT??!?! :0o
im way into Japanese gore flicks!!! NO ONE makes gushing blood fx like japan!!!!!
im not a HUGE reader….yeah yeah..i knwo i get shit for it…..but im SUCHA visual person….im always going to chose movies over books…..but there was this book i read as a teen by whitewolf publishing called “the diary” and “the book of nod” i read while in highschool……GOOD STUFF!!!! ^_^


Where can the people find you on the Internets?

Durga herself.

** i have a makeupbee!
a twitter
ye olde model mayhem
muh youtube!!!
my web site where you can find ALL my booking n pricing information

and for all those gamers i got something for that as well ^_^


Did you have anything else that you would like to add?

**i JUST got here ^_^ i plan on sticking around till i cant hold a makeup brush anymore…and when that happens ill just get new shiny robot hands……



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