Kaci Hansen, The Homicidal Homemaker

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kacihansenWe talked with Kaci Hansen of The Homicidal Homemaker to find out what inspires her spooky foods and horror themed delicacies. If you are looking for fun and easy creepy recipes this Halloween, look no further than The Homicidal Homemaker.

What inspired you to come up with recipes specifically for spooky food?

It all started with a brain-shaped gelatin mold! I didn’t want to just make JELL-O in the shape of a brain – I wanted it to LOOK like a real brain, and wanted the texture to resemble that of a real brain! I got on this disgusting-food kick, and it just never stopped. Being a huge horror fan, I wanted to express my passion for the genre in everything I did, including food! I began posting pictures on Myspace (yes, it was that long ago…haha) and immediately, people began asking me for recipes and tutorials. Besides that, I love entertaining and love the reactions I would get when I unveiled a deliciously spooky dish!


Of all the recipes you have invented which are your favorites?

I think my “Edible Entrails” are a favorite of mine, and my friends and family! They look absolutely disgusting, but are delicious! Since I originally posted the recipe, I’ve come up with different variations of the “Edible Entrails”, all of which will be included in my cookbook. I did get to create some recipes using General Mills’ Monster Cereals this year (including the resurrection of Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy before they even hit the store shelves!), and my “Frankenberry Monster Chow” is pretty tasty and addictive, and quickly became a favorite! Outside of the horror genre, I also like to do videogame-inspired recipes, as well as seasonal recipes for other holidays. And one of my favorite things to do is recreate disgusting sounding (and looking!) mid-century horrors for my “Chopping Block” segment of my website!


 putridpastaAre your recipes so easy that any zombie could do it?

When I first started TheHomicidalHomemaker.com, my ultimate goal was to make recipes that looked really disgusting, but were pretty easy to put together, and more importantly, not expensive to put together! While the recipes and tutorials were pretty straightforward, they did include a lot of preparation and steps, which is sometimes discouraging to beginner chefs. I realized that I also have a lot of younger readers on my blog, so I’ve


really tried to use ready-made products in some of my newer recipes, like cake mixes or canned frosting. It makes the recipe less-intimidating for those who are not so active in the kitchen, and it is my hope that it helps them get a little more comfortable so they can move on to the more advanced recipes!


We’d love to see more spooky mixed drinks, are there plans in the future for more?

 Yes, there are! There will be many recipes for cocktails, shooters and jelly shots in my upcoming cookbook. I created some recipes this past summer for a horror con, and I will include the recipe for the fan-favorite, which was called “Tutti-!@#$ing-Frutti!”


frankenberry-monster-chow I’ve got to ask, what are some of your favorite horror films? 

I’m a huge William Castle fan, so some of my favorites are “The Tingler”, “Strait-Jacket”, “Homicidal”, “Mr. Sardonicus” and “House on Haunted Hill”. But I also am a huge 80’s-horror fanatic, and some of my many favorites include the “Slumber Party Massacre” trilogy (especially part 2!), “Return of the Living Dead”, “Night of the Creeps”, “Night of the Demons” (both 1 and 2), “Chopping Mall”, “Black Roses”, and “Trick or Treat”. Out of the major slasher franchises, my favorite is most definitely “Friday the 13th”. Honestly, there’s so many favorites that I could just go on, and on…and on! I like really good movies…and really bad ones, like “Neon Maniacs”. Haha, of course, I also have to mention the one and only “Dead Alive”/”Braindead”!


I hear you are writing a cookbook with all of your creations, when are you planning to release it?

I originally had plans to release it this October, but I ended up taking on so many other projects that it got postponed a little bit. But I’ve come up with so many other cool recipes in the meantime that it actually works out for the best. I hope to have it available for pre-sale late Summer/early Fall 2014…just in time for Halloween! fingerfood


Do you do anything else in the horror genre outside of spooky food?

In 2008, I founded Central Valley Horror Club, which was the first and is currently the only all-horror themed organization in Central California. I started out by hosting free, monthly horror movie screenings in my city, which I still continue to host! I went on to host the area’s first-ever zombie-themed event, the Visalia Zombie Ball & Crawl (which is now an annual event that draws in over 500 zombies every year), and the area’s first vampire-themed event, the Visalia Vampire Ball. Around that same time I founded and danced with The Horror Dolls dance troupe, which is now on hiatus since I began taking on more and more projects.  I also host a Christmas-themed zombie pub crawl every December. In 2012, I began hosting the free horror screenings in Fresno, and also, began hosting the first and only horror-television show in Fresno, “Friday Night Frights”. I also have acted in and did special effects makeup for some indie horror flicks in the past, and wish I had more time to dedicate to that. I also was featured in my own comic, through Comic Book Divas, called “Kaci Hansen Presents…”, which was the first full-length comic published through Comic Book Divas. It was a really awesome experience, and the artwork by Josh Barker was outstanding!


Where can our readers find your amazing recipes?

You can find my recipe on my official website, www.TheHomicidalHomemaker.com! I also am on Facebook: www.facebook.com/homicidalhomemaker, Twitter:www.twitter.com/homicidalkaci, Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/homicidalkaci, and Instagram: www.instagram.com/homicidalhomemaker

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