Love Ghoul Girls? Find out how you can help!

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I receive e-mails all the time from viewers who are interested in helping out on the Ghoul Girls project. In case you haven’t heard already, I’m a one woman show. I fund the entire site, photoshoots, wardrobe, makeup, etc out of pocket 90% of the time. I do all of the website, photography, a lot of the makeup, all the costuming and all of the editing for each set you see here. Yes, I’ve had a little bit of help from some friends, but all in all the project is essentially where I bear my soul.

Recently, I started a Patreon page where you, the viewer, can help support the project. Think of it as crowdfunding where you can pay whatever you want per month, but get cool rewards each month you support! What rewards you say? You get access to all of the shoot planning at $1 a month and up! Other rewards include (but not limited to) Ghoul Girls model Q/A’s, costume builds, behind the scenes video, photoshoot polls, prints, jewelry and more!


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